Ceramic Liner Composite Steel Tube

- Feb 16, 2020-

Ceramic liner composite steel tube is composed of alumina ceramics, an adhesive layer, and a steel pipe from the inside to the outside.

The ceramic layer is made of 92% alumina ceramic tube or ceramic tiles, which is bonded to the steel tube to form a strong wear resistant tube.

Ceramic liner composite steel tube overcomes the low hardness, poor wear resistance and poor ceramic toughness of the steel pipe. 

Proven by our customers,  ceramic liner composite steel tubes can effectively extend the service life of the equipment by more than 10 times

ceramic liner composite steel tube

Above photo is the ceramic liner composite steel tube used in gold and copper mines are used to transport slag, etc.

Easy installation: Because its weight is small, and the welding performance is good, therefore can use the welding, the flange connection and so on to install.

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