Ceramic Mosaic Wear Resistant Liner

- Mar 02, 2020-

The ceramic mosaic wear resistant liner is made of 92% alumina ceramic powder at high temperature, which is easy to install, not easy to prevent falling off, and has high hardness. 

The ceramic mosaic wear resistant liner produced by Qi Shuai is fired from a tunnel kiln. 

Each batch has a large quantity, the kiln temperature is stable, and the ceramic linings fired are uniform in color.

Each batch of products is sampled for strict inspection and quality assurance.

ceramic mosaic wear resistant liner

Characteristic of the ceramic mosaic wear resistant liner

*Excellent abrasion resistance

* It has the light weight bescause of its dencity is 3.62g/cm3,just half of the steel

*Less impurities, small tolerances, dimensional accuracy and stable performance.

*Large hardness and high whiteness. Its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90, second only to diamond.

*Strong bonding, good heat resistance

The wear-resistant ceramic lining is adhered to the inner wall of the device with heat-resistant super glue.

It can run for a long time without aging at 350 ℃, and the inorganic adhesive used for cement products has a temperature resistance of 750 ℃.

Common specifications of the ceramic mosaic wear resistant liner: 





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