Ceramic Wear Resistant Liner

- Aug 01, 2019-

Alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining tiles are made from high purity alumina oxide during a complicated production process such as: raw material ball grinding, fine powder Spraying, hydraulic dry pressing, isostatic pressing, eletrical tunnel furnace sintering, and finally quality checking.

Usually the alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining tiles could be divided into several types according to its content and application method. Typical groups are 92%, 95%. With its high hardness, lower density, good performance of anti-wear, they are widely used in ball mill lining, cement coal pulverization piping system, power plant, pneumatic conveying, lithium battery production etc...As a result , they finally improve the whole service life for the equipment and reduced down the maintenance costs for plant and companies. 


Advantage of alumina ceramic(Al2O3):

1. High hardness with super wear resistance rockwell hardness is up to 87HRA

2. Chemical corrosion resistance and impact resistance
3. Smooth surface with excellent flow ability
4. Long lifetime and trouble free operation

5. Save maintenance time and exenditures

6. Easy installation and replacement 


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