China Chrome Carbide Plate Is Popular By Mining Companies

- Dec 05, 2019-

Chromium carbide plate produced by Qi Shuai Wear-resistant Equipment Co., Ltd. is welcomed by mining enterprises.

On December Third, customers from Ukraine came to our company to visit the factory and discuss business!

Chromium carbide wear plate produced by Qi Shuai Wear Equipment Co., Ltd.

Acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance.

Deformable and weldable, can be cut, bent or crimped and punched.

The cut wear-resistant steel plate can be tailor-welded into various engineering structural parts or components.

The impact resistance is more than three times that of ordinary steel plates.

The abrasion resistance is more than 12-20 times that of ordinary steel plates, and the abrasion resistance is much higher than the methods such as spray welding and thermal spraying.

Maximum temperature: 1400 ° F

Testing standards: CNAS, CMA

Application industry: cement, power, steel, mining and other industries

Application equipment:

Vertical mill, ball mill, crusher, grinding roller, conveying hopper, sieve plate, funnel, leaking barrel, chute, etc. when processing powder.

Our company accepts various drawings to customize with you, to provide you with high-quality professional services!

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