China Steel

- Aug 29, 2017-

There are three main forms of metal material damage: rupture, corrosion and wear. According to statistics, the economic losses caused by wear is quite amazing, the United States about 50 billion US dollars / year, Germany 30 billion mark / year, China's annual wear due to ball mill grinding wear nearly 200 million t, a variety of crusher liner consumption 500,000 t, roll consumption of nearly 600,000 t, a variety of engineering excavators, loaders, pipelines, crusher hammer and jaw plate consumption of more than 500,000 t, so the study of wear resistance is of great significance.

Shnadong Qishuai mainly produce wear resistant chrpomium carbide overlay plates for 7 years with very rich experience.At present,the chromium carbide plates have replace the low steel plates and widely used in mining,steel,power and cement plants.Because of its high quaity and excelent hardness,they have accepted by some units.