Chrome Carbide Wear Plate

- Jan 08, 2020-

The chromium carbide wear-resistant plate produced by the company is made by surfacing process. (Note: GB / T is the national standard (recommended standard)) Q235 / A3 (GB / T 709-2006) and other medium and low carbon steel substrates, one or more layers containing a large amount of chromium carbide hard particles Wear-resistant alloy, and add some special elements (Mo molybdenum, Nb niobium, Ni nickel, W tungsten, V vanadium, etc.), so as to form a hard wear-resistant layer. The volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbides in the metallographic structure of the wear-resistant layer reaches more than 50%. (Q235A / B / C, Q345-manganese steel plate, Q345R)

Hardness range: According to the thickness and application of the wear-resistant layer, the surface hardness of the wear-resistant alloy is HRC55-62, and the micro hardness of chromium carbide is HV1800 (Vickers hardness).

Mechanical properties:

The wear-resistant layer of the chromium carbide wear-resistant plate  and the substrate are metallurgical, the wear-resistant layer will penetrate the substrate 1-2mm, and the maximum metallurgical bond strength test data is 350Mpa.

Wear resistance:

The company conducted tests in accordance with (Note: ASTM is the standard of the American Materials and Testing Association) ASTM-G65 dry sand abrasion test surface abrasion and 75% deep abrasion test. The data shows that the abrasion plate produced by our company has a high abrasion resistance. The performance is more than 20 times that of low-carbon steel and more than 8 times that of heat-treated wear-resistant steel.

Packaging & Delivery

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