Chromium Carbide Alloy Wear-resistant Products Are Widely Acclaimed

- Aug 06, 2019-

Chromium carbide alloy wear-resistant products are widely acclaimed

Pakistan local time: 2019.7.30

Mr. James Liu, the chief sales director of our company, paid a two-day visit to LUCKY, the largest cement group in the region. During the period, the two companies reached a favorable consensus on the next step of cooperation and win-win.

Main cooperation products:

Chromium carbide alloy wear plate,

Chromium carbide alloy wear-resistant tube

Chromium carbide alloy wear-resistant roller sleeve


This series of products has:

High hardness

2. Wear resistance

3. Impact resistance

4. High temperature resistance

5. Corrosion resistance

During the negotiation, the customer was very satisfied with the products we provided before. Said that the next step will increase product demand and frequency!

We are also looking forward to taking more cooperation!

The picture is a photo of the head of the LUCKY Group and my company James.