Chromium Carbide Cladding Plate

- Aug 03, 2018-

applications of the Chromium Carbide Cladding Plate

1. Cement industry

Vertical grinding disc, grinding roller surfacing repair, roller press, separator machine blade, vertical mill, fan, Tianyuan place, mixer blade, vibrating screen plate, silo, cutting chute lining, fan blade and lining Slider component lining, recovery hopper inner lining frit cooling plate lining cyclone dust collector screw conveyor, conveyor shovel separator lining and blade grinding roller sheath, pull head head sheath, torsion bar sheath, guide vane Wait.

2. Steel and metallurgical industry

Roll, continuous casting roll, single roll, double roll crusher, slab, blast furnace chute, cloth chute, lining, pipe, slag chute, feed chute and hopper lining, hopper bushing, fan blade, pusher floor , cyclone dust collector, coke guide liner, ball mill, drill stabilizer, screw feeder, material clock and base, kneading machine, bucket liner, loop feeder, dump truck panel, etc.

3. Mining machinery industry

Crusher jaws, hammerheads, excavators, loader buckets, mixing station silos, blower products, etc.

4, the power industry

Transfer shaft rollers, fans, coal ash pipes, hopper liners, medium speed coal mill liners, fan impellers, shells, dust collector inlet flue, ash slag pipes, bucket turbines and various linings, separation And connecting pipes, coal crusher linings, raw coal hoppers, crusher linings, burner front ends, fuel dropping cylinders and funnel linings, air preheater brackets, guard tiles, tail flues, etc.

5. Coal industry

Grinding coal (vertical mill, bracket guard) repair, central chute, scraper conveyor and transfer machine welding wear-resistant lining, vertical mill, crusher parts cover wear-resistant surfacing repair, coal sorting machine, vibrating screen Wear-resistant repair, coal mining machinery, coal mining head wear-resisting repair and surfacing reinforcement, cargo transportation, heavy-duty car reinforcement, wear-resistant steel plate repair, coal washing silo, trough welding wear-resistant steel lining, wear-resistant feeding pipe, bending Head making repair.

6, coal washing industry

Wash coal conveyors, silos, chutes, feed pipes, classifiers, coal separators, mixers, crushers, coal concentrators, etc.


Flora Hu