Conveyor Roller Protective Shell

- Apr 06, 2020-

Qi Shuai's self-developed conveyor roller protective shell is exported to Kazakhstan

Our company is a professional manufacturer of wear-resistant ceramic roller protective shell ,

The company produces a variety of wear-resistant ceramic rollers and ceramic coated rollers;

Long product life, high wear resistance, anti-slip and no deviation;

It is widely used in various conveying systems.

conveyor roller protective shellS

Qi Shuai's new generation of ceramic roller cover rubber instead of traditional rubber,

There are many performance advantages in production and use:

1. Non-slip. The high wear resistance of the surface ceramics is used on the belt conveyor rollers. The special structure ceramics and special arrangement methods can provide 2-3 times the traction force, which increases the friction coefficient between the belt and the belt and prevents the belt from slipping.

2. Protection. The anti-skid pits on the surface of the drum can prevent the relative sliding between the belt and the drum, effectively reduce the damage caused by the sliding friction of the belt; and under the same load can reduce the tension of the belt and extend the life of the belt.

3. Wide range of application conditions. The wear-resistant ceramic drum has our company's unique sewage drain structure design, which can remove rainwater and scattered powder from the sewage drain as soon as possible. It is suitable for extremely harsh conditions such as high abrasion, slippage, and dampness of materials or surrounding environment.

4. Easy installation. The construction technology of roller cladding is mature, simple and short. After the prefabricated parts of the roller cover are completed, the installation of a ceramic roller cover can be completed online within 3 hours, without delaying the production of the customer, without the disassembly and assembly of the roller, and facilitating the user to put into production in time.

5. High cost performance. Due to the wear resistance of ceramics, the service life of the drum is more than ten times that of the original drum encapsulation, which can almost achieve the effect of lifetime installation for one time, eliminating frequent replacement or repeated encapsulation, and avoiding waste of labor and products Cost-effective.