Development Of The Wear Resistant Ceramic

- Sep 25, 2017-

In order to enhance alumina ceramics, the mechanical strength of alumina was improved significantly, and a new kind of alumina ceramic strengthening technology was introduced abroad. This novel process is simple, the technology is in the surface of alumina ceramics, using electron beam vacuum coating, vacuum sputtering coating or chemical vapor phase deposition method, plating on a layer of thin film silicon compounds, in 1200 ℃ ~ 1580 ℃ heating processing, make toughened alumina ceramics.

The strength of the strengthened alumina ceramics can be greatly increased on the original basis, and the alumina ceramics with high strength is obtained.

Alumina ceramics, as one of the most widely used in advanced ceramics material, with the development of the industry presents the following trends: (1) technical equipment level will increase rapidly, the development of computer technology and digital control technology to promote the technology progress of the advanced ceramic materials industry and rapid development, such as automatic control of continuous sintering furnace, high-power high-capacity grinding equipment, high-performance powder granulation equipment net pressure molding equipment advanced complete sets of equipment, such as favorable to promote the improvement of the industry as a whole, at the same time in such aspects as production efficiency, product quality are improved obviously; (2) continuous improvement of product quality: domestic microcrystalline alumina ceramic products have been grown from scratch, the industry has grown from small to large, and the product quality has experienced a rapid development from low to high. (3) the scale of the industry will be expanded rapidly: microcrystalline alumina ceramic products as the base material in other industries or sectors are affected and restricted by the development level of other industries. From the application of alumina ceramics, the application scope is more and more wide, the dosage is increasing, especially in the anti-wear engineering and construction ceramics production.