Difference Of The China Alumina Tiles

- Sep 18, 2017-

Difference of the china alumina tiles

High alumina brick is a commonly used refractory brick which belongs to AL2O3 content of more than 48 per cent of aluminous refractory brick material. It is made of high bauxite as aggregate and can be produced by chemical combination or sintering method. The combustion reaction is mainly the decomposition of kaolinite and alumina, and the process of reprocessing.

High alumina bricks and clay bricks for more materials leishi production technology, the difference is that the higher percentage ingredients of clinker can be as high as 90%, 95%, clinker in crushing money need powder selection and screening in addition to iron, firing temperature is higher, such as, the second grade high alumina brick with tunnel kiln firing temperature is 1500 ~ 1600 ℃ in general. China's production practice has proved that high alumina clinker can be used for grading and storage in a strict selection before crushing, and using bauxite clinker and clay joint fine grinding method can improve product quality.