Fixing Method Of Ceramic Rubber Composite Board

- Jul 12, 2019-

The ceramic rubber composite board is fixed by aluminum fasteners, and the corrugated ceramic rubber composite board is fixed by a ceramic rubber composite board bracket and a tail screw, and then sealed.

The ceramic rubber composite panel must be covered with a drill screw connection. The solar panel is relatively hot and cold, and is easily cut by self-tapping screws. Therefore, the sun panel should open a large hole in the self-tapping. The flexibility of the lighting panel should be considered when installing the lighting panel.


Ceramic rubber composite panels do not need to be overlapped within 12m, more than 12m need to be overlapped, the length of the overlap is 200 - 400mm, two sealants are applied at the joint, the transverse glue does not need to be edged, the longitudinal ceramic rubber The lap joint of the composite board is generally not to be folded, and the self-tapping nail is directly fixed, and the seal sealant is applied, and the bite plate needs to be closed. The longitudinal longitudinal direction of the ceramic rubber composite panel should be placed near the sandalwood strip.

The ceramic rubber composite board fixing method is correct, in order to better strengthen the ceramic rubber composite board, I hope the above knowledge will help you.

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