Hadaus 500 Wear-resisting Plate And Domestic Wear-resisting Board Difference

- Jul 07, 2017-

1. Look from the appearance: In general, Sweden wear-resistant board for the entire layout has rust-proof layer; Since the storage from the sea for the indoor library so the board in time put a 1-2 years will not rust. And the domestic wear-resistant plate is not coated with anti-rust layer in time to have a coating plate and more black brown generally will not appear in the pan-red. If the coating of domestic wear-resistant plate for more than 1-2 years for outdoor storage must be seriously corroded. It would be better if you put it indoors.

2. From the trial life: the same grade Sweden wear-resistant board with a longer life than the domestic wear-resisting plate. Generally, the use of mechanical mining machinery in the crushing machinery is particularly obvious.

3. From the material view: Sweden wear-resistant board general material for the HARDOX400 HARDOX450 HARDOX500 HARDOX550; domestic wear-resisting board: NM360 NM400 NM500 NM450.

4. From the sales look: Sweden wear-resistant board is not set up by the supply of agents more scarce fixed rolling words generally to 3 months to deliver, Wuxi Cheng Special steel on behalf of customers to provide authentic Swedish wear-resistant board;