High Chrome Plate Hammer

- Jan 31, 2018-

New wear plate hammer PK high chrome plate hammer


In the casting process

New wear plate hammer using three major technologies:

First, the furnace outside the double refining technology, furnace double refining technology, effectively reducing the harmful elements, inclusions and oxygen, hydrogen hazards, greatly enhance the wear resistance and impact toughness of steel!

Second, the use of patented modifier for metamorphism, grain refinement and improve the carbide morphology and distribution, and further improve the wear resistance and toughness;

Third, the optimization of heat treatment process, the hardness of the product uniform, stronger impact and abrasion resistance.

Ordinary high chrome hammer, only the general heat treatment process, it is difficult to ensure the fineness of the plate hammer and the purity of molten steel.

In the hammer material

New wear-resistant plate hammer new wear-resistant materials used by the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" focused on the promotion of new materials cast, and in which the addition of precious rare earth elements, effectively compensate for the high chrome plate hammer toughness Weakness, so that plate hammer to achieve the perfect combination of toughness and high hardness;

Ordinary high chrome plate hammer, only high chromium or ultra-high chromium material, it is difficult to ensure the toughness of the plate hammer; Even if some companies of high chromium chrome hammer metamorphic treatment, hammer toughness can only increase 1.5%, toughness and Hardness can not be well integrated.

In the service life

Under the same conditions, such as basalt crushing, the service life of common high chrome plate hammer is 3-5 days, while the service life of the new wear plate hammer is 10-15 days, and the new wear plate hammer can adapt to the harsh Abrasive wear and tear of the work environment, and the cost of casting than ordinary hammer to reduce 20%, cost-effective ultra-high.