How To Improve Crusher Hammer's Wear Resistance

- Jan 29, 2018-

how to improve crusher hammer's wear resistance

Hammer is one of the key components of the crusher, its quality is good or bad, cement manufacturers have been very concerned about the problem, both require a higher hardness and wear resistance, but also requires higher toughness and withstand impact performance Its safety, reliability, abrasion resistance and service life directly affect the safety cycle and production costs of cement plants and the labor intensity of workers. Therefore, cement plants attach great importance to the safe operation of crusher hammers. In order to ensure the performance of its choice of ZG65Mn material.

ZG65Mn hammer head used in cement plant gravel, due to its lack of surface hardness, poor wear resistance, only five or six classes will have to change once a serious constraint on the efficiency and economic benefits of a factor. At the request of the enterprise, we observed and analyzed the working conditions of ZG65Mn hammerhead and found that without any exception, the hammerhead damage was caused by insufficient surface hardness and severe wear. After testing, the surface hardness of the hammerhead is about 22HRC and indeed too low. In order to improve its surface hardness and wear resistance, we have adopted a new process of water quenching.