Increase Of The Alumina Ceramic

- Sep 27, 2017-

                                                       increase of the alumina ceramic

Zirconia, alumina rapid release, mobile ceramic backboard on the eve of the outbreak. Company zirconia, alumina, 2016 sales rose 90.3% and 546.1% respectively, two pieces of business in the stage of rapid peatlands, accompanied by a company offering project 3500 t nano zirconia and 5000 t ordered production of high purity alumina, the future will gradually incremental contribution to performance. Zirconia has huge potential in the field of consumer electronics, more recent mobile phone use ceramic plate, ceramic plate has good hardness, beautiful, and the advantages of small signal shielding, with the rise of new technologies, such as 5 g, wireless charging, is expected to gradually replace the metal plate, according to the 2020, 20% of the permeability measured powder market space will reach 10 billion, the company as a zirconia powder scarce mark, already the batch to apple iwatch, millet watch supply, will substantially benefit from this trend in the future.

The overall solution platform layout of automobile exhaust catalytic purification is completed. In the face of accelerating exhaust purification catalysts needs, combined with the high purity superfine alumina business company, the porcelain material through its acquisition of honeycomb ceramic, alumina and cerium zirconium solid solution business, formed the unique to a full range to provide clients with auto catalytic solution enterprise as a whole. Company purchase objects were the industry's leading enterprises, the integration is completed, is expected to improve the company in the industrial chain of upstream and downstream of bargaining power, automobile exhaust catalyst control markets for vantage point in the future.

The layout of electronic chemicals was first developed, and the research and development was emphasized to promote sustainable development. Company by acquiring HongYuan photoelectric electronic paste into solar energy, solar energy electronic pastes are only silver are now more than 10 billion domestic market space, future solar battery installed scale development and import substitution of two big opportunities. In addition, the company acquires the electrode slurry business of the company, and has the technical and market synergies with the company's electronic ceramics business, which is expected to accelerate the expansion of electrode slurry.


Flora Hu