Indonesian Customers Purchase Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls

- Feb 04, 2021-

Old Indonesian customer, purchasing new product alumina ceramic grinding balls for logistics grinding!

Thank customers for their sincere cooperation and trust, we will uphold the principle of integrity first and quality first to serve all customers!

Referred to as porcelain ball, ceramic ball, alumina ball. According to its characteristics and uses, there are also wear-resistant (porcelain) balls, grinding ceramic balls, grinding media balls, high alumina ceramic balls, medium alumina ceramic balls, corundum ceramic balls, filler balls, heat storage ceramic balls, ceramic microbeads, etc.

   This kind of products produced by our company adopt isostatic pressing process or rolling forming, which have the characteristics of good compactness, high hardness, high density, low wear, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, etc. Among them, the volume density of toughened zirconia ceramic balls can reach 3.95-4.15g/cm3

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