Indonesian Customers Purchase Isostatic Pressure Wear Composite Pipes

- Oct 22, 2020-

On October 10, Indonesian customers purchased isostatic pressure wear-resistant composite pipes.Thank customers for their sincere cooperation and trust, we will uphold the principle of integrity first and quality first to serve all customers!

isostatic pipes

Our company adopts advanced isostatic pressing process technology, and the product has high density, which makes alumina from simple manufacturing to various geometric shapes. According to the complicated shape and size, the surface is finely polished and polished. The smooth inner wall will not be dipped, making the flow more smoothly. The pipeline is lined with steel pipes to meet the specific requirements of customers. The QISHUAI isostatic ceramic tube combines Qishuai's fully compatible and preferred installation method. The isostatic ceramic tube is directly fixed to the inner wall of the pipe through our high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive or cement.

Usually isostatic ceramic tube applications

1. Mine: Mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation cause serious wear on the pipeline. The service life of the ore powder transportation pipelines used in the past, such as Panzhihua and Daye mine, is less than one year. Times.

2. Coal: Wet transportation is generally used for coal preparation and long-distance pipeline transportation. The transportation pipe is required to be both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The use of this pipe can be used as a long-life transportation pipe with considerable economic benefits.

3. Application of pneumatic system, etc.

After years of development, Qi Shuai has accumulated considerable technical strength and work experience in product development, design, manufacturing, construction and installation. Welcome your consultation and negotiation, we will answer your questions from a professional perspective

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