Jakarta, Indonesia International Ceramics Industry Exhibition

- Jan 19, 2018-

The exhibition is divided into comprehensive building materials exhibition and ceramic exhibition according to product category. Among them, the Indonesian Ceramic Fair is co-sponsored by Indonesian Ceramics Association and Reed Exhibitions. 2016 is the fifth KERAMIKA successfully held. As always, it focuses on the development of ASEAN ceramics industry, gathering ceramic enterprises and exploring the world's largest consumer of ceramics - Indonesian market. KERAMIKA is the only ceramic exhibition in Asia, which provides the best trading platform for homeowners to enter the ceramic market in Indonesia. With ASAKI's influence in Indonesia's domestic ceramics industry and Reed's international sales force, the show will invite more international and Indonesian property owners to come to the fair to increase the fair's effect. At the same time KERAMIKA will host an international professional conference, topics include global ceramic design trends, the latest ceramic technology exchange, environmental protection process. Provide information exchange between exhibitors, build networks, enhance brand awareness and make more deals.

Range of exhibition

1, ceramic machinery and equipment categories: ceramic raw materials refining and processing equipment; rolling, molding, casting equipment; drying, firing, heat treatment equipment; glazing, color printing, decoration equipment; surface treatment and dressing equipment; analysis, testing and other laboratory equipment Equipment, quality and process control equipment; sorting, packaging, storage, handling and handling equipment; environmental protection, purification, noise insulation equipment and safety devices; molds, tools, accessories and accessories;

2, ceramic raw materials: all kinds of ceramic raw materials; ceramic mold materials; refractories; industrial ceramics, high-tech or special ceramics; color glaze; additives; flower paper, flower paper at the end of the paper; gold paste, gold water, , Varnish; ceramic screen printing design; oxide ceramic powder, non-oxide ceramic powder, all kinds of ceramic additives, Kiln and other raw and auxiliary.