Main Characteristics Of Wear-resisting Board

- Jul 07, 2017-

Wear resistant plate Introduction

Wear-resistant plate brand for WNM360, WNM400, WNM450, WNM500.   Wugang wear-resisting steel plate excellent performance to meet the high strength, high abrasion resistance, stability, straightness and surface quality requirements, high hardness, high-strength and excellent impact toughness combined, making wear-resistant steel plate can become a wide range of ideal materials. The use of long-term research and the accumulation of years of production experience, the development of the market to meet the needs of different quality grades of steel, such as ordinary wear-resistant steel plate, high-grade wear-resistant steel plate and excellent impact toughness wear-resisting steel plate and other products. 

wear CCO plate..jpg

At present, the production thickness of wugang wear-resisting steel plate between 8-150mm, the highest hardness of 500HBW. It can fully meet the use of sheet and ultra wide wear-resisting plate. Wugang wear-resisting steel plate used in underground mines, cement industry, road construction industry, mining and open-pit ore and metallurgical industries and other equipment wear-resistant components.