Repair Of The Cylinder

- Jul 07, 2017-

The inner surface hardness of the barrel is higher than the screw, and its damage is later than that of the screw rod. The scrap of the barrel is the increase of the diameter due to time wear. Its repair methods are as follows:

1, due to wear and increase the diameter of the barrel, if there is a certain amount of nitriding layer, the barrel of the hole can be directly boring, grinding to a new diameter size, and then according to the diameter of the new screw.

2, the diameter of the cylinder is machined and reconditioned, and the thickness is 1~2mm, and then refined to size.

3, the general situation of the barrel of the uniform Section wear faster, consultation 0312-7692020 can be this paragraph (take 5~7d long) through boring, and then with a nitriding alloy steel bushing, the diameter of the internal hole reference screw diameter, left in the normal coordination gap, processing preparation.