Roller rubber has been widely used in various industries

- May 16, 2019-

Roller lagging is an important part and component of the belt conveyor transportation system. The rubberized drum can effectively improve the running condition of the conveying system, protect the metal drum from wear, diamond pattern or chevron pattern, and the rubber surface of the ceramic rubber board. It can increase the frictional force of the surface of the rubber sheet, effectively prevent the sliding friction between the drum and the belt, reduce the belt slip, reduce the material adhesion on the surface of the drum, thereby reducing the deviation and wear of the belt, and improving the operating efficiency. The drum runs synchronously with the belt to ensure efficient and high-volume operation of the belt. Widely used in: power plants, coal mines, cement plants, steel, metallurgy, coal, fertilizer, grain storage, ports and other industries.


Wear factor

Folding material

The rubber material is an important factor to ensure the wear resistance of the roller rubber. The performance parameters of the rubber affect the quality of the rubber coating. Therefore, it is necessary to select the rubber type that meets the mining conditions. The main rubber in the market is divided into imported rubber and domestic packaging. Glue, general industrial and mining conditions use domestic rubber mostly, and in the case of poor industrial and mining conditions, most of the imported high-wear rubber sheet.

Folding adhesion

During the use of the drum, it is often subjected to long-term friction and centripetal force. If the selected adhesive cannot be effectively bonded, the drum will be degummed in advance, resulting in system shutdown.

Folding manufacturer

The selected manufacturers must have good on-site analysis and construction capabilities. According to the actual situation, rubber sheets with different thickness, hardness and wear resistance are selected. Unrealistic choices often result in excessive wear of the rubber.

Folding and editing this paragraph advantage

Good folding quality

The world's only CN semi-vulcanized natural rubber, rubber hardness does not exceed 60 Shore, wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent anti-aging performance, general service life of 5-10 years under normal pressure temperature, rubber and metal stick Excellent joint strength, bonding strength is (12-15N/MM), and domestic hot vulcanized roller rubber is hot vulcanized: 3-10N/MM, excellent bonding strength effectively avoids cracking and peeling of rubber layer and metal The occurrence of cracks and other phenomena, the comprehensive cost performance of rubber.

Simple folding operation

Germany's excellent rubber friction coefficient effectively prevents the conveyor belt from slipping under wet and muddy working conditions, which makes operation and construction easier, increases the service life of the drum, and facilitates on-site construction.

Folding high strength

The rubber elastomer is dense in molecular weight, has good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical shock resistance, high strength, good rigidity, no creep, impact resistance, shock resistance, water hammer resistance, and is easy to transport, install and maintain.

Folding temperature adapts to a wide range

German roller rubber can be used for a long time in the range of -20 ° C ~ +80 ° C, the rubber layer will not be separated from the iron roller due to temperature changes.

Folding low energy consumption

Drainage of the diamond surface, such as diamond pattern, chevron pattern or ceramic rubber board, the lubrication is good, the running resistance loss is small, and the running cost is saved.