Rubber Ceramic Composite Lining

- Apr 29, 2019-

Product Description:

Using an advanced thermal vulcanization process, the toughened and wear-resistant ceramics and rubber are vulcanized together, and the liner is bonded to the inner steel plate of the equipment with a high-strength organic binder to form a strong and cushioning wear layer. . It combines the high hardness of ceramics and the high cushioning and anti-fatigue properties of rubber, which can well solve the problem of equipment wear during the transportation of large materials. The addition of rubber, in addition to good anti-wear and anti-corrosion effects, can also prevent production stoppage and noise reduction due to material accumulation.



1. Wear resistance, strong impact resistance, and noise reduction during material transfer.

2. Easy installation, no falling off, smooth and smooth, reducing material blocking

3. Strict rubber vulcanization process and product quality control process.

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