Rubber Ceramic Composite Wear Steel Plate

- Apr 13, 2020-

The rubber ceramic composite wear steel plate produced by Qishuai is composed of 92% alumina ceramics, hard rubber and steel plate by advanced thermal vulcanization process.

According to the different working conditions, welding, bolting and other installation methods can be used.

Rubber Ceramic Composite Wear Steel Plate

Common size 500 * 500mm, 500 * 600mm

Common thickness: The thinnest is 5 + 5 + 3 mm, which can be customized

Working temperature is -30 ℃ to 120 ℃, but high temperature, high temperature, large temperature difference and other environments may accelerate its aging and affect its service life

The applicable positions of common ceramic rubber composite wear-resistant lining steel plates:

The wear-resistant material conveying system equipment at room temperature can withstand a certain impact and will not stick or block. For example: vibration feeder, feeder, etc.

Customize the molded parts according to the drawing size, do not perform secondary processing such as cutting and welding;

After the equipment lining is installed, avoid burning the equipment, otherwise the rubber layer will be damaged;

Store the product indoors, avoid direct sunlight, and stay away from high temperature sources

Our company has strict requirements for the packaging of this product, and uses a fumigation-free wooden tray.

For a long time, ceramic rubber composite wear-resistant linings have been exported to Russia, Ukraine, Australia and other mining companies.

Recently, after preliminary tests and evaluations, Indonesian machinery equipment companies also began to purchase a large number of rubber ceramic composite wear-resistant lining steel plates.

Qi Shuai adheres to the corporate philosophy of "quality first, integrity first" and has won praise from customers again and again! We will continue our efforts to promote wear-resistant products and technologies to a wider range of industries and fields!

We sincerely welcome you to choose high-quality Qishuai wear-resistant products and high-quality technical services.

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