Rubber Ceramic Plates Sent To Russia

- Jul 01, 2020-

The rubber ceramic plates produced by Qi Shuai were sent to Russia today via the China-Europe train.

Introduction of the rubber ceramic plate

Rubber ceramic plates are used in industrial production to reduce the wear of equipment due to long-term erosion. The ceramic rubber composite plate is installed on the equipment with epoxy resin glue or bolts. After installation, the material will be directly washed to the ceramic rubber composite plate without causing damage to the equipment. Ceramic rubber composite plate is a combination of ceramic + rubber + steel plate. Ceramic anti-wear, rubber impact resistance. Both of them are effective in their advantage to resist wear, impact, protective equipment and cost effect.

Wear resistant rubber ceramic plates density is 3.62,it is much lower than wear resistant steel plate.So wear resistant rubber ceramic plates weight is much lower than steel plate.So they are reduce the weight of the equipments and it will protect the equipment to wear resistant.Then it reduce the cost to some customers.

Rubber Ceramic Plate (2)

Ceramic composite rubber backed liner Specification:

Common specifications of the inventory are: 250 x 250mm, 300 x 300mm, 500 x 500mm, etc 

Ceramic thickness / alumina tile: 4 --- 50mm

Rubber thickness / rubber: 5 --- 20mm

Steel plate thickness / steel: 4 --- 8mm


Ceramic composite rubber backed liner is suitable for wear-resistant liners in coal conveying and ash discharging systems of thermal power plants, silos and hoppers in the conveying and batching systems of the metallurgical and iron industry. 

Ceramic composite rubber backed liner can be twisted and cut, suitable for installation of various special-shaped equipment, and has excellent properties such as water resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance.

Helen Dong