Rubber Ceramic Wear Liners

- Jul 08, 2019-

Product Description:

Rubber ceramic liner have two forms :

1: Rubber + Ceramic   

This way is is a rubber-backed ceramic plate that is attached to the abrasive surface of the device with a high-strength adhesive.

2: Rubber + Ceramic+Metal .  

This way is a rubber and steel back ceramic plate composed of rubber, alumina ceramic plates and steel plates, which are fixed to the abrasive surface of the equipment by bolts welded to the steel plates.

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As an excellent impact and wear resistant material, rubber ceramic liners are suitable for feeders, chutes, transfer points, conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, silos, etc. The main industries that are applicable are coal-fired power plants, cement plants, blast furnace plants and other industries that require high impact-resistant surfaces.

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