Special Shaped Ceramic Wear Resistant Lining Will Be Sent To Kazakhstan

- Mar 16, 2020-

Shandong Qishuai's main products include hard alloy surfacing wear-resistant composite liners(Chromium carbide wear resistant plate), alumina ceramic wear-resistant liners, high-strength hard alloy castings, wear-resistant pipes, and wear-resistant equipment. 

The company also supply fluoroplastic anti-corrosion products and Special shaped ceramic wear resistant lining.

Special Shaped Ceramic Wear Resistant Lining

Special-shaped ceramic wear-resistant lining is produced by the mold.

The mold can be made according to the customer's drawings. The mold is calculated and drawn by a high-precision CNC unit. This product is usually made of 95% alumina powder due to its small size.

Special-shaped ceramic wear-resistant lining with excellent abrasion resistance and hardness, it can be used in various precision instruments and special parts.

Reduces wear on equipment components, thereby greatly reducing the costs of frequent maintenance and extending the service life of equipment

The appearance is exquisite, the hand feels smooth, as delicate as crafts.

The Special-shaped ceramic wear-resistant lining's minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces or 50 kg, and the mold fee needs to be paid separately.

The packaging is customized according to the product's shape. Different packaging is customized for easy transportation.

Qi Shuai constantly strengthens product quality management and raises the quality awareness of all employees. He has a complete and scientific quality management system. He has reached domestic and international standards in terms of product quality management systems. From the perspective of customers, he takes customers as the center and meets customers Demand to achieve customer satisfaction, can continue to provide customers with satisfactory and qualified products.

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