Strength, Hardness, Elasticity, Toughness And Ductility Of Steel

- Jul 07, 2017-


The material must withstand the test of the force in the application scene, not curved, continuous, not broken, not deformed.


The stiffer material is generally more resistant to scratching, durability, tearing and creasing.


The material absorbs the force, can bend in different directions and can return to its original state ability.

Molding Performance

Whether convenient processing into permanent shape, persimmon although soft can casually pinch but finished. Another extreme example of diamond hardness is too high to be suitable for processing. Diamonds can be used for processing something else.


The capacity of force deformation in the direction of length. The elasticity of the rubber band is very good. Thermoplastic elastomers generally have good ductility in materials.


The ability to deform before breaking or breaking.


Before the crack, the material in all directions can change the shape of the ability to test the ability to plastic again.


Material anti-impact ability, suddenly beat, won't break or broken.

Conductive properties

It doesn't have to be a little too much. Under normal circumstances, good conductivity of the material thermal conductivity is also good.