The 10th International Industrial Ceramics Expo

- Jan 19, 2018-

Exhibition Date:


Industrial ceramics: advanced ceramics, metal ceramics, alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, precision ceramics, electronic ceramics, functional ceramics, structural ceramics, wear-resistant ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, , Ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramics, Non-Oxide Ceramics, etc. (Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, Silicides Wait);

The company is located in:

Electronic devices: a variety of functional sensors porcelain pieces, power ceramics, electrical ceramics, all kinds of ceramic pieces, insulation device porcelain, capacitors porcelain, ferroelectric ceramics, semiconductor ceramics and ion ceramics, insulation porcelain;

Various grinding ball: porcelain ball, ceramic lining brick, lining, all kinds of tower packing, etc.

Raw materials and auxiliary materials: oxide ceramic powder, non-oxide ceramic powder, various ceramic additives, kiln furniture and other raw and auxiliary materials;

Production equipment: powder preparation equipment, ceramic alloy production equipment, product molding equipment (dry and semi-dry pressure molding, isostatic pressing, thermoforming), reaction sintering, microwave sintering;