The Biggest Country That Produce Ceramics

- Oct 09, 2017-

As the world's largest producer of ceramic tiles, ceramic tile production in China accounts for about 48% of global output, which accounts for about 41% of global exports, the brick of pottery and porcelain industry in China in recent 15 years to promote the development of the global ceramic tile. But 1-2016 a double-digit drop in exports in December and the phenomenon of falling, quantity and price is not only one of the ten famous brands in China's ceramic production enterprises to attention, at the same time, relevant government agencies, industry organizations should be more high attention.

What's the problem

First, the transformation pressure is huge and the ceramic industry is in a downturn. In 2016, under the background of the structural adjustment of the real estate industry, the ceramic industry has been exceptionally depressed. External, market atrophy, sales decline, fierce competition; Inside, environmental protection high pressure, innovation insufficient, capital fracture. Ceramic enterprises are in a new round of development cycle is the most difficult moment, many large companies announced the delisting, more companies have started by blowing up and environmental pressure is insufficient, guangdong, jiangxi, hubei, sichuan and other region gust ceramic enterprises by clearing, by * * *, by containment, the living situation of ceramic industry are worrying.

Second, there is a surplus of capacity, and it is urgent to transform tao into a transformation. It is understood that the ceramic overcapacity is as high as 40%, and as many small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises blindly produce high stocks, the industry will reduce capacity by more than a third in the next five years. As the largest ceramic production base in China, guangdong has been the epicenter of the collapse of the ceramics industry. In the past two years, there have been 20 famous pottery enterprises in foshan. In the future, more ceramics will fail and the industry will have a big shuffle. Under the pressure, the company will have to accelerate its product upgrading and transformation to adapt to the new environment.

Third, the anti-dumping measures and the technical trade barrier double restriction, the export is blocked. In recent years, the European Union, South Korea, the Philippines and 12 other countries and regions have raised the cost of porcelain tiles by imposing anti-dumping duties, weakened the competitiveness of Chinese tiles, and protected their enterprises. In may, July and August 2016, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina initiated antidumping investigations against Chinese tiles, with a proposed levy of 35 to 264. A 1% rate of the tariff. In 2015, guangdong foshan, the main Chinese producer of ceramics, was confronted with anti-dumping investigation. $9.9 billion, 497 companies involved. In recent years, Malaysia, Ecuador, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other nations also for ceramic products continuously to develop new technical trade measures to cause adverse effect on our country's ceramic export industry.

Fourth, the global ceramic tile production layout has undergone major changes. In recent years, in addition to the Italian and Spanish ceramic tile production power, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Mexico and other countries of brick of pottery and porcelain industry is developing rapidly, in addition to China, the world's top ten producers of ceramic brick production accounted for a total of 34. 50%, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries with relatively low production costs are more competitive than China's ceramic tiles. Under pressure from the European economic crisis at the same time, Italy, Spain and other European high-end brand began to export prices, brick of pottery and porcelain brick of pottery and porcelain of China's export markets are enveloped, space more and more small.

Fifth, the vicious competition intensifies, the product homogenization is serious, brand value is low. Ceramic export enterprises in our country industry self-discipline is poorer, industry competition, the race to compete for customers in the form of lower prices, reduce cost, some trading company is eager to open the international market, in order to get the order, and even exported below cost, through the export tax rebate to cover the costs, vicious competition is very serious, cause the entire ceramic export enterprises in the export of falling profits. At the same time, the phenomena of China's ceramic industry homogeneity to set the product sell like hot cakes, the lack of their own innovation potential, investing in research and development and also the enterprises of developed countries differ greatly.

Sixth, international demand has changed. For a long time, the polishing brick in the unglazed brick category in our country has the advantage of high cost performance in the world ceramic tile export. But as people safety requirements for architectural decoration, decorative effect, such as demand is higher and higher, polishing brick is not prevent slippery, design and color is relatively single, poor resistance to polluting faults is highlighted, and prevent slippery, diversification of surface texture, rich decorative effect of glazed tile is more and more popular with the market, glazed tile has become the mainstream of the international market.