The Development Of China's Wear-resistant Ceramic Industry Has Been Strained

- Nov 20, 2017-

In a serious shortage of external demand, the cost is rising too fast and grim situation of trade friction this "three mountains" under pressure, transformation and upgrading to become suspends in front of wear resistant ceramic enterprises in China "will answer". Found on the 120th Canton fair, a lot of wear resistant ceramic export enterprises in product innovation research and development, the transformation of the mode of production and operation and so on transformation and upgrading, and actively improve product added value and brand awareness has become the enterprise's long-term development strategy.

In recent years, the domestic labor costs rise, the sustaining wearying of global foreign demand, high national trade barriers, and many other factors, China wear-resistant ceramic products in the performance of the downturn in the international market, export enterprises met with resistance. According to statistics released by the general administration of customs, the export of wear-resistant ceramic products in China has shown a low driving trend this year, with January's exports dropping 21.1% year on year. First-half exports fell 14.3% year on year. Exports in the first nine months were rmb909.7 billion, down 18.1 percent year on year. Reporter through the 120th Canton fair on visiting some wear resistant ceramic export enterprises found that the formulation and implementation of relevant national foreign trade and industry policies are not in place, wear-resistant ceramic export in our country in trouble was mainly due to external factors.

For a long time, China's wear-resistant ceramic products have been favored by foreign dealers and consumers with the advantages of high quality and low price, and the export value has multiplied. Sluggish recovery in the global economy and external demand, however, under the background of the weak, the development of many countries to protect domestic ceramic enterprises and response to the crisis, increased the ceramic product technical barriers, to protect domestic enterprises through this special period.