The Elastic Material Is Subjected To An External Force That Is Constantly Increasing Until It Breaks. What Has Changed?

- Jul 07, 2017-

First, the material under the external force, elastic deformation, followed Hooke's law. What is elastic deformation? is to eliminate the external force, the material will restore the original size and shape. When the external forces continue to increase, to a certain value, the material will enter the plastic deformation period. Once the material enters the plastic deformation, when the external force, the original size and shape of the material can not be restored! The strength of the critical point that causes two of deformations is the yield strength of the material! The rally value of this critical point is called the yield point. From the crystal point of view, only the tensile force over the yield point, the material of the crystal bonding began to be destroyed! The destruction of the material, from the point of submission has begun, not from the time of the rupture!