The Features Of The Wear Resistant Ceramic Tubes

- Jul 01, 2019-

The features of the wear resistant ceramic tubes

The product features of the wear-resisting tube are good wear resistance: the lining of the ceramic lining pipe is corundum ceramics, and its vickers hardness is above 1100HV. Especially suitable for power, mining, coal industry transportation, solid and other media.

 Its service life is 10 times higher than ordinary steel pipe. Corrosion resistant and anti-structural scale: due to the neutral material of corundum ceramics, it has the characteristics of acid resistance, strong corrosive medium and halogen corrosion, and it has the properties of anti-fouling. 

The price of the product is high, which can save the cost and time of repairing and replacing the material. High chromium alloy wear-resistant pipes: specializing in the production of hard facing high chrome wear-resisting pipe, besides having extremely strong wear resistance, also has the function of pressure, therefore is a kind of compression wear-resisting pipe, at the same time because of high flexibility, have bigger stretch without breaking, therefore also become difficult to off the high chrome wear-resisting pipe of cracking. High chrome wear-resisting pipe is a kind of excellent comprehensive properties of new type engineering transporting pipeline, with outstanding wear resistance, impact strength, excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, high corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance, high aging resistance, high toughness, prolong service life, ring.


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