The Reason And Solution Of Ceramic Falling Off On The Surface Of Roller

- Mar 15, 2019-

Alumina ceramic sheets have been widely used in mining, cement, electric power, metallurgy, mineral processing and other fields due to their excellent wear resistance. The anti-wear technology of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet on the surface of the magnetic separator drum has also been verified and recognized by the market. However, due to the fierce competition in the recent market, the price war has caused some manufacturers to provide inferior ceramic sheets and adhesives to customers, resulting in customers appearing in the process of use. Seriously affect the normal operation of the company, which has a major impact on the credibility of the entire industry. In this regard, we analyzed the reasons for the failure of the customer's construction, and hope that our customers and friends can pay attention to these places and avoid unnecessary losses to themselves.

1. The thickness of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet is not uniform, some 2mm, some 4mm, so in the process of pasting the ceramic sheet, because the whole plate is pasted, some parts of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet and the metal substrate are not closely attached. Together, there is a gap in the middle; the adhesion is not strong and it is easy to fall off during use. Even if it can be compacted by wear-resistant ceramic sheets, the result is that the surface of the drum after the sticking is uneven, and the flow of the flow is uneven during use, which does not play a good dressing effect.

2. The quality problem of wear-resistant ceramic sheets: the wear-resistant ceramic sheets are not angled, and cannot form a strict flattening. The missing parts are quickly worn through during use;

3. The ceramic sheet has insufficient alumina composition and insufficient wear resistance. The service life is not up to the required level.

4. The quality of ceramic glue used is problematic. Some manufacturers do not ask for working conditions and directly recommend adhesives to customers. Some cheap glues on the market are often used in some places where the impact is not strong, such as pipes and chutes, but due to magnetic During the working process, the material falls vertically from a high place and receives a large impact force. If the adhesive is not tough enough, it will be shaken off.