The Sintering Technology Of Alumina Ceramics

- Aug 17, 2017-

Description of the wear resistant ceramic


The technical method of densification of granular ceramic body and forming solid material is called sintering. The sintering of the particles in the body cavity of the body is eliminated, and the small amount of gas and the organic matter are excluded, so that the particles can grow and combine with each other to form a new material.

wear resistant alumina ceramic products

The most widely used heating device is the furnace. In addition to the normal pressure sintering, the pressure sintering and thermal pressure sintering and so on. Continuous hot-pressed sintering may increase production, but the equipment and mold expenses are too high, and the product length is limited due to the axial heating. Hot and static pressure is used as pressure transfer medium with high temperature and high pressure. It has the advantages of homogeneous heating and is suitable for sintering of complex shape products. Due to the uniform structure, the material performance is increased by 30 ~ 50%. Increase the heat pressure sintering by 10-15%.

 Therefore, at present, some high-value alumina ceramic products or national defense need special parts, such as ceramic bearing, reflector, nuclear fuel and barrel and other products, hot isostatic pressing sintering method.

In addition, microwave sintering method, arc plasma sintering method and self-propagating sintering technology are also under development.