The Wear-resistant Tube Becomes The New Channel Of Profit Growth Of Each Coal Mill

- Sep 11, 2017-

In view of the recent wear-resisting pipe in coal preparation plant good market response, and the development of the industry tend to be high, the technical trend, as far as experts predicted: wear-resisting pipe demand will continue to expand, the application prospect is very broad. The process system of coal preparation system is upgraded and reformed, and the economic profit of these enterprises is brought to new growth point.

Compared with the traditional metal pipes, wear-resisting pipe production forging process of low energy consumption, less process, the finished product combines high hardness, good chemical inertness of alumina and the advantages of steel, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance, and up to 15 times more than ordinary steel tube service life, no matter from the economic and social benefits, are not afraid of is the darling of the new requirements in the new period.

As a professional pipe manufacturers, as far as new materials accurately grasp the market, on the road of the development of pipeline positive preempted the commanding heights, be engaged in the development of wear resistant ceramic pipe and innovation, to solve the industry, promote the industry along the normative and orderly development of roads, positive towards to the technology innovation, quality first, the road to a substantial improvement, and sets up the brand by quality, as far as to believe that under the background in the new market, wear-resistant ceramic pipe is not only a product, and will bring about a new revolution.