Wear Chromium Carbide Plate Application

- Jul 15, 2019-

Applications of the wear chromium carbide plate

1.According to the design requirements to provide users with wear-resistant composite plate made of wear-resistant spare parts, such as cement machinery in the efficient powder wear-resistant parts, mill liner, mixer blade, fan blades.

2.Directly with the composite plate rolling round rolling into various types of wear-resistant pipeline, such as powder air delivery system, blast furnace slag system, spiral propeller blades and so on.

3.Directly to the user to provide surfacing board, by the user to their own materials, welding to complete the construction site, such as silos, chutes, large bucket and so on.

4.According to the size of the user parts wear area, to provide collar unit for on-site welding welding maintenance, to reduce the workload of the site welding, such as the work of the machine bucket, dredger dredger bucket.


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