Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Products

- Mar 30, 2018-

                                             wear resistant alumina ceramic products

Alumina wear-resistant ceramics(cheap Alumina Ceramic Lining,cheap wear resistant ceramic tiles,China Wear Resistant Ceramic Liner,wear resistant ceramic bricks suppliers,), toughened alumina ceramics and zirconia wear-resistant ceramics are just three categories, depending on the ingredients and different methods of forming, industrial abrasion is also used as a variety of wear-resistant products, such as : Wear-resistant ceramic tubes, ceramic wear-resistant tubes, wear-resistant ceramic liners, heavy-medium cyclones, cyclone separators, coal-falling tubes, chutes, dust collection pipes, powder-making pipes, ash-slag pipes, ceramic drums, plastic bags, cyclones Precipitators, cyclones, pump truck ducts, mixer linings, etc.

      For nearly ten years in China, the wear-resistant ceramics industry has developed rapidly. Qishuai, which first developed and produced wear-resistant ceramic linings, has developed many products and successfully applied them to thermal power, steel, building materials, smelting, machinery, coal, and mines. Chemicals, ports and other serious wear and tear industries.

Toughened alumina ceramics are based on alumina with a certain amount of zirconia ceramic ingredients. The wear resistance and toughness are between that of alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics because of the high price of zirconia ceramics. With relatively large input, the manufacturers with the most production use are mainly European and American companies and BHP Billiton Australia.

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