Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube

- Sep 17, 2019-

What do we have to do to increase the plasticity of the alumina ceramic tube?

In general, in order to increase the plasticity of the alumina ceramic tube, we can directly meet the size and corrosion resistance of our customers in use. For alumina ceramic tubes, when it is being produced, Affirmation is also indispensable to our hot pressing process, and there are certainly many aspects in terms of its treatment.

First of all, it is in the pre-pressure treatment, for its main purpose, that is, to prevent our alumina ceramic tube from directly displacing when it is loaded into the hot press, thus It will cause a series of defects such as the core and the seam. When it is after the assembly, that is, before the hot pressing, it must be pre-compressed directly at room temperature, so that it can It is directly bonded into a unitary material.

In the following, it is a hot pressing process for the alumina ceramic tube. In this case, we actually use the hot bonding process. If the hot pressing temperature is about 140oC, it is usually about 140oC. In terms of unit pressure, it is actually 2.5-3.0 MPa.

Finally, for alumina ceramic tubes to improve their plasticity, we actually have to carry out three-stage depressurization treatment. When it is in the process of hot-pressing post-treatment, the first paragraph, it is actually work. The pressure drops directly to the "balanced pressure". In the second paragraph, it is directly reduced to zero by "balanced pressure". For the third paragraph, it is from zero directly to the ceramic riser. In this way, the opening of it is completed.

For the last time, in the above three aspects, for the alumina ceramic tube, when it is subjected to hot pressing treatment, it meets the requirements of its use to the maximum extent. In addition, we should also pay attention to it. For alumina ceramic tubes, in many cases, it is necessary to directly implement the compression connection.

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