Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube Suppliers

- May 27, 2019-

Wear resistant alumina ceramic tube suppliers

There are many types of alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics. Can also be used as a variety of products, such as: wear-resistant ceramic tube, ceramic wear-resistant tube, wear-resistant ceramic liner, heavy duty medium cyclone, cyclone separator, wear-resistant ceramic drum bag glue, chute, pipe and so on.


Everyone knows that natural alumina is fused alumina with a hardness of 9 months and cubic zirconia with a hardness of 8.5. However, from the perspective of industrial wear-resistant ceramic wear, the higher the hardness, the better the ceramic toughness. It has high hardness and toughness and can be said to be the best wear-resistant ceramic. It is not to say that zirconia ceramics are not as good as alumina ceramics. The lattice phase of the zirconia ceramic is very stable at high temperatures, and the lattice of the zirconia ceramic has been lowered to normal temperature. Therefore, at normal temperature, alumina and pure zirconia have higher hardness and more wear-resistant theory. However, the wear-resistant ceramic is a mixture of alumina, which is formed by artificial pressing and dry pressing, and is sintered at 1680 ° C instead of pure corundum. Therefore, depending on the alumina content of the ceramics, some manufacturers use 85% alumina ceramics, 92% alumina ceramics, 95% alumina ceramics, 99% alumina ceramics, and other fine urban wear-resistant ceramics in the ceramic industry. The deep-layered wear-resistant ceramics produced by the city have a Rockwell hardness of HRA82-90 and a fracture toughness KIC of 7.5 Mpa. Hardness is second only to diamonds.

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