Wear Resistant Bimetal Plate

- Jul 02, 2019-

Product Description:

Wear-resistant plate, that is, bi-metal multi-layer wear-resistant steel plate, which is specially used for large-area wear conditions, is formed by welding on ordinary steel plate or heat-resistant steel plate and stainless steel plate to form volume fraction of 50% or more Cr7C3 Carbide-based alloy wear layer. The wear-resistant steel plate has high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformability and weldability. It can be directly processed like a steel plate by crimping, cutting and punching, and processed into engineering parts to meet the wear and tear of the mine.


Performance characteristics:

1. High wear resistance: 

The wear test shows that the wear resistance of the wear-resistant composite board is 20 times higher than that of the low carbon steel, and is 5 times higher than that of the stainless steel and high manganese steel.

2, High impact resistance: 

Due to the use of mild steel substrate, wear-resistant composite board has a high impact resistance, fully embodies the composite material is both wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

3, Convenient processing performance: 

Wear-resistant surfacing composite steel plate can be deformed, welded, can be easily processed into a variety of wear-resistant parts like ordinary steel.

4. High-performance price ratio: 

Although the surface cost is improved by using the wear-resistant surfacing composite board, the performance price ratio of the machine is about 2~4 times higher than that of the ordinary material. Due to the rational use of materials, the wear-resistant surfacing composite panels are 50% lower than the manual surfacing of equivalent materials.

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