Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates

- Aug 06, 2018-


Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates with High abrasion resistance: automatic CNC stacker equipment, do not rely on artificial welding technology, production of fully qualified high-quality products, special automatic welding technology to make wear-resistant layer of chrome content control in more than 28%, hardness between 58-62, fully ensure that our wear-resistant layer has a continuous good, balanced wear resistance. 

2. Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates with High impact Resistance: Because of the use of soft steel substrate, wear-resistant composite steel plate has a high impact resistance, fully embodies the composite is both wearable and impact-resistant advantages.

This is less than the cast wear resistant materials. 

3.Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates with Convenient processing performance:

A, Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates can be in the >5mm thickness of the substrate surfacing 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm thickness of the wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant layer maximum thickness of up to 30mm.

B, Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates can provide the standard version of 3000*1480;3000*1240. C, wear-resistant surfacing composite steel plate can be cold bending forming, roll round, can also be processed according to customer drawings finished pieces, can be made into a diameter greater than 300mm of round pipe.

In the finished piece can be raised 15*15mm square drilling and ∮15mm above the circular drilling. 4. High-performance price ratio: Shandong Ming-tai wear-resistant composite high abrasion resistance determines its high cost performance. Using our 8+6 (8mm substrate surfacing 6mm wear-resistant layer) of the wear-resistant steel plate, we are committed to 20mm 16Mn plate life of 10 times times, the price of about 2500 yuan/square meters.

The above data indicate that we have been able to save nearly 50% of the units for use in the pure use cost, which does not include the maintenance and installation costs, safety risks and losses caused by frequent replacement of liner plates. 5.

Installation Fixed simple: Professional arc welding machine on the back of the base plate welded high-strength bolts, neither damage wear-resistant layer, but also for the installation of a great convenience. Dear users, if you have the above problems, please do not worry, please call the company Manager Wang: 15105378299 (mobile phone number is micro-signal) 24 hours to serve you to solve your worries

Flora Hu