Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate

- Oct 14, 2019-

What is Qishuai wear plate?

Qishuai wear resistant steel plates are manufactured by welding one or multiple abrasion resistant layers on a medium or low carbon steel base plate. The overlay alloy has a high amount of chromium carbide hard particles. These particles are distributed evenly throughout the layer, creating a strong microstructure. The hardness is HRC 58~65 and depends on the overlay's thickness.

The main ingredients of Qishuai plate are C (%): 3.0~5.0 and Cr (%): 25~40. This chemical proportion results in a large amount of Cr7C3 chrome carbide hard particles. The micro-hardness (up to HV1800) of these particles thoughout the layer will guarantee a super wear resistant surface.

The overlay and base plate are metallurgical bonding. The overlay will penetrate into base plate about 0.8~1.8 mm, reaching up to 350 Mpa in our tests.


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