Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate Supplier

- May 13, 2019-


(1) Cement industry: separator blades, mixer blades, guessed skating platform, inner wear liner, air guide cone, feeding pipe, vibrating sieve plate, silo, chute, cement vertical mill repair and so on.

(2) Fan industry: fan impeller, cyclone, fan blades, rear plate lining, fan machine port, easy to wear parts.

(3) Iron and steel metallurgy: cloth chute, silo lining, skid steer, screen, blast bell jar, material car, blast furnace steel, sintering feed tube, pipe, , Exhaust fan, Blast furnace tank liner, CDQ coke can liner, Pushing coke board skateboard backboard, Coke car skateboard backing board, Sintering machine single roller crusher, scraper, water beam and siding repair production .

(4) Coal industry: Cone wear liner of bucket-wheel excavator, middle plate of scraper-type coal feeder, feed chute, hopper, hoist for mine and mine, pipeline and chute for coal washing plant.

(5) Power Machinery: fan impeller, coal ash pipes, silos, troughs, coal conveying components, hopper lining, medium speed grinding mill repair, burner nozzle.

(6) Other industries: Solar glass, mining machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, wear-resistant fan manufacturing, brick making, sand and gravel mining silo lining coal industry, scraper conveyor floor, sieve and so on.

(7) To provide users with surfacing board directly, by the user self-blanking, welding site construction projects completed, such as silos, chutes, bucket, dumping equipment.


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