Ceramic roller rubber coating and upgrade

- May 05, 2019-

Ceramic encapsulation is a way of laminating. Its main features are as follows:

The surface of each ceramic sheet is cast into a durable rubber sheet by casting hundreds of individual small pieces of ceramic. Each piece has a raised feature. Under the pressure of a typical conveyor belt, thousands of unique The cast bumps create positive traction, prevent slippage and extend the life of the belt rollers. At the same time, the elasticity of the bottom rubber can play a very good impact resistance.

Each ceramic plate has a groove at a certain distance, which can discharge foreign matter (dust, dirt) on the drum along the groove, so that the roller has a unique self-cleaning function, which is especially suitable for a humid working environment.


Ceramic encapsulation advantage

1. The high wear resistance of the surface ceramics, the use of the belt drive drum, the special structure of the ceramic and the special arrangement, and the special rubber structure, the friction coefficient between the belt and the belt is increased to prevent the belt from slipping.

2. Under the same load, the tension of the belt can be reduced and the life of the belt can be extended.

3. The wear resistance of the ceramic makes the service life of the driving roller more than ten times that of the original roller.

4, suitable for extreme wear and tear, high slip, and extremely harsh conditions such as wet materials or surrounding environment.

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