Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining

- Jan 15, 2018-

wear-resistant ceramic lining

As a kind of high-tech products, wear-resistant ceramic lining is widely used. The reason is that the technology is mature, and the cost is getting lower and lower, and it is generally favored by users. Wear-resisting ceramic glue is also called wear-resisting ceramic paste adhesive, wear-resisting ceramic sheet glue. It is a kind of high performance adhesive which is specially used to paste the wear-resisting ceramic lining or liner into the surface of the equipment base material for wear-resisting protection. Wear-resisting ceramics and equipment between the metal parts is difficult by traditional connection methods, such as welding connection, cyclone wear-resistant ceramic paste adhesive for bonding technique was used to realize wear-resistant ceramic lining and equipment of metal parts in recent years is the connection between the test of practice an effective way of connection. This technology has been widely applied and recognized in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, mine and cement. Use wear-resisting ceramics rubber high purity wear-resistant ceramic chip can be very strong glue joint in suffering from a severe erosion of material surface of equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the maintenance of such equipment, so as to reduce the replacement of new equipment, reduce maintenance cost of equipment operation, reduce the purpose of the enterprise production loss caused by shutdown. Composite wear-resistant ceramic plate is a composite product of ceramic, rubber and steel plate.

1. The rubber vulcanization layer is added between the ceramic and the steel plate. The abrasion resistance of the ceramic lining cushions the impact on the ceramic, which improves the impact strength of the composite plate and has the sound insulation effect.

2. The composite wear-resistant ceramic plate has a high utilization rate.

3. The metal bottom plate and the link are not in contact with the material, thus avoiding corrosion and wear.

4. Use steel plate to improve the overall mechanical strength of the composite wear-resisting lining board. It overcomes the weakness of ceramic incompressibility and fracture, so that the material's performance can be fully developed.

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Flora Hu