Wear-resistant Ceramic Tablets Promote The Internationalization Of Wear-resistant Materials.

- Jan 09, 2018-

According to our country wear-resisting ceramics industry status and characteristics, the development direction of wear-resisting ceramics enterprises should be: the single varieties of high-quality large-scale production or many kinds of specialized production in both directions. Each enterprise can carry out product positioning according to its own characteristics and determine its long-term and recent development strategy and goals.

As an excellent modern wear-resistant ceramic industry, enterprises should have the following basic conditions:

1) have certain production scale and economic strength;

2) have the necessary modern production equipment and test instruments;

3) advanced management mechanism and perfect quality management system;

4) high-level technical and managerial personnel;

5) modern information network.

Practices prove that: in the same industry, the competition between enterprises is objective existence, but this does not exclude between enterprises under the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit cooperation, this collaboration under certain conditions, especially in the same area, under the condition of the same products is especially important and effective. In some developed countries, the use of cooperation between industry, develop some common abide by the laws and regulations, to protect national interests and deal with foreign anti-dumping played the country and the government can play a important role. These lessons have become familiar to some foreign investors, who often take advantage of the incoordination and policy gaps between our industries to make money from each other.

In wear-resistant materials industry can strengthen the collaboration between the industry through the government department coordination, policy tilt, and the organization of industry association to gradually realize, but all this is on the basis of enterprise voluntary and consultation. With the continuous development of economy, people's understanding level also will continue to improve, we believe that: wear-resisting ceramics industry will be an unprecedented good situation and a more broad prospects.

Some middle and small enterprises should strive to develop in a large scale and gradually expand into the fist enterprises in the industry. And some conditional large enterprises should be based on the large-scale production of many kinds of specialized direction development, especially to further improve their corporate image and technical level, to produce some difficult wear resistant and high added value products, to adapt to the demand of the market both at home and abroad and the leading role of a leader in the industry.