Wear Resistant Chrome Plates

- Mar 23, 2018-

Wear resistant chrome plates

Working conditions of the application of wear resistant composite steel plate: wear-resistant composite steel plate can be suitable for below 550 ℃, has higher erosion wear to abrasive wear, under the working condition with good abrasion resistance, impact resistance and good resistance to oxidation. Applicable to a variety of wear conditions. The tensile and impact resistance of the composite steel plate is not lower than that of the welded joint of Q235 steel plate. The wear resistance of the peak wear-resistant composite steel plate is 5~6 times that of heat treatment wear resistant steel. Five times as much stainless steel; 5~6 times of high manganese steel; 11 times of 16Mn (normal temperature abrasive wear test data).

Applications of the wear resistant chromium carbide products

Wear resistant Composite steel plate can be used in metallurgical machinery, building materials machinery, electric power machinery, mining machinery and other industries of various easy wear equipment parts of surface reinforcement. The typical application is: 1. Directly use the composite plate to feed, roll and weld into all kinds of wear-resistant conveying pipes. Such as powder air conveying system, blast furnace slag system; 2. Provide users with wear-resistant accessories made of composite plate according to the design requirements, such as mill liner, mixer blade, fan blade, etc.; 3. Provide the composite steel plate directly to the user, and the user will make the material to complete the site construction project. Such as warehouse, chute and so on; 4. Provide prefabricated units for on-site welding and repair according to the size of the worn area of users' parts. Reduce on-site welding work. For example, the shovel bucket of construction machinery and dredger bucket;