Wear-resistant Materials Commonly Used In Industrial Production

- Aug 18, 2017-

Wear rwsistant products in industry

1.Cast stone: cast stone liner is a natural rock diabase or basalt as the main material, with a small amount of additional material, by high temperature melting, casting molding, crystal annealing and made of a fine grain of dense non - metallic resistance Grinding material.

2.High-chromium cast iron: in the steel to add C element, the hardness will increase, while adding chromium, so that the hardness increases, 45 # carbon steel hardness of about HB200. High chromium cast iron is widely used in mine impact is relatively large, relatively small wear parts, while many ball mill grinding ball is also made of high chromium cast iron

3.Wear-resistant ceramics with 100 mesh below the AL2O3 at the same time to add a variety of wear-resistant materials, 100 tons of press pressure, or isostatic pressing, 1700 ℃ high temperature sintering, with high density, high hardness, wear resistance Features. In general, wear-resistant ceramic wear resistance equivalent to 10 times the manganese steel, high chromium cast iron 8 times. Alumina wear-resistant ceramic materials are widely used in thermal power plant mill coal and ash removal system, such as coarse and fine powder cyclone, a pulverized coal duct, elbow, flue, rower volute, ball mill exports, ash Slagging system, etc .; steel sintering plant dust pipe, mixed silo, mixing cylinder, etc .; cement plant powder, chute, fan, etc .; port terminal ship unloader, loading machine, hopper and other industries On the device.