Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Composite Linings

- Feb 13, 2020-

Description of the ceramic rubber plate:

The ceramic rubber plate is made of wear-resistant ceramics (planar or spherical) embedded in special rubber to form a wear-resistant rubber lining, and then the high-strength organic adhesive is used to bond the lining to the inner steel plate of the equipment. (or bolted) to form a strong, cushioned wear layer. It is widely used in the coal handling system of coal-fired power plants and in the hoppers of the metallurgy, steel, industrial and mining enterprises, and the hoppers in the material handling equipment. The use of the drop in the silo equipment is high on the part hit by the bulk material. It is suitable for any impact force. Operating environment with temperature less than 100 ° C (temperature resistant 250 ° C)

Technical details of the ceramic rubber plate:

Advantages of the ceramic rubber composite wear plate: 

1. Superior wear resistance

2. Chemical and impact resistance

3. Erosion, acid, alkali resistance 

4. Smooth inner wall

5. Easy installation 

6. Longer service lifetime

7. Competitive and reasonable price

8. Saved maintenance time and expenditures

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